Head of the Department: Мухамеджанова Нургуль Ахмеджановна

Telephone: +7 (7222) 44-38-26

Department of History of Kazakhstan is one of the leading departments of History – Faculty of Education State University named after Shakarim Semey city. In 2013 of September in result of combination the state pedagogic institute and department of history of the state university named of Shakarim in Semey was organized the department history of Kazakhstan at the university named of Shakarim in Semey.

         In 2009 with due reorganization of higher education places based of the university based the department of the history of Kazakhstan. From 2006 renamed as department of history and philosophy. In 2008 the department of history and rights included in structure humanitarian faculty.

In 2009 29 June order of committee of control in education and science sphere MON republic of Kazakhstan № 869 was opened the dissertation advice OD 14.70.01 from protection of doctors dissertation of speciality 07.00.02 – Domestic History (History Republic of Kazakhstan) on competition of scientific degree(doctors) of historic science from December 2011 to merger of two education places named the department history.

Different years headed of the Department Baisarina K.K, Atantaeva B.Zh, Mukataeva Z.K, Sankaibaeva P.S, Pashencev A.P, Musabalina G.T, Sailaubai E.E, Ibrayemova M.S, Muhamedzhanova R.Zh, Ekibayev R.Zh.

The teaching realize in accordance with state an abligatory standards of higher education approved a resolution of government republic of Kazakhstan from 23 august in 2013 № 1080.

Training specialists of specialists of specialities : 5B020300 – “History” and 5B011400 “History” will realize with department under state licenses №13013970 from 28.08.2013 with application to licenses.

At present time the department deals with on following education programs:

-Bachelor 5B020300, 5B011400 “History”.

-Magistracy 6M020300, 6M011400 “History”.

At department works 17 teachers. The indicator of degree department make 78%. Department has higher research potential:- 2doctors of science,14 Phd and 4 older teachers. Among them leading speciality of department –Dr., professor Atantaeva B.Zh., Dr., professor Baisaryna K.K., Dr. and teachers – Isyn A.I., Karimov M.K., Kanavalov A.P., Tokhmetova G.M., Muhamedzhanova R.Zh.,Akhmetova R.Zh., Pashencev A.P.,Bralinova D.I., Kariyeva T.A., Bakitzhanova A.B., Kumar A.B., Kereibaeva A.S., and etc.

The mission of the Department is training of component specialists that capable of adapting in conditions dynamic developing of social – economics systems through education with harmonically developed personality with leader qualities and ability to work in commond.

Objectives of the Department of history of Kazakhstan

The formation of methodological and methodical bases of collecting and teaching the history of Kazakhstan in higher education institutions in accordance with modern requirements of state educational standards; Organization and conducting of systematic scientific researches, conferences, round tables on research of modern historical and political realities of post-Soviet space, the problems of methodology of teaching and studying of contemporary history of Kazakhstan and history of the near abroad.

Principal activities:

  • To provide training in all levels of the educational process highly qualified teachers and researchers in the field of history, archaeology and Ethnology with fundamental scientific knowledge, innovative thinking and active life position;
  • Implementation of educational process on the Department disciplines for full-time and remote forms of training in accordance with approved academic plans;
  • To promote the active introduction of research activities in the educational process;
  • Implementation of the Policy of the University management in the field of quality;
  1. Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of a dynamic quality management system meets the requirements of standards ST RK ISO 9001: 2008;
  2. The increase in the number of educational programs for distance education – 100 %;
  3. The increase in the number of lessons conducted by the thesaurus method – 70%;
  4. Development of modular educational programs with the definition of new paths of education – 2;
  5. Development of academic mobility of students and graduates – 40%;
  6. Development of academic mobility of faculty members of the Department – 20%
  7. Publication of scientific articles in leading international journals with nonzero impact factor, the cited index (h-index, etc.) 3;
  8. Publication of scientific monographs – 3;
  9. The participation of students in research scientific work – 80%;
  10. The formation and development of students ‘ patriotism, tolerance, respect for the rights and freedoms of the individual:
    Participation of students in artistic and creative activities – 50 %;

    • Events on Patriotic education – 75 %;
    • Cultural and leisure activities – 80 %;
    • Sports events – 90 %.
  11. Expansion of cooperation with employers, graduate employment, 78%