Head of the Department: Dzhanbubekova Meiramgul Zeynegabylovna.

Telephone: +7 (7222) 42-06-41
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, ул. Танирбергенова, 1
E-mail: kaf.pedpsiholog@post.semgu.kz

The leading role in the training of teaching staff belongs to the Department of Pedagogy.In the creation of this department attended by scientists and prominent figures in the field of education like Zh.Daukeyev, Nachayev A.P., Aleyev I.V., Uzhgina Z.Ch., Zhuravlev V.I., Romanov A.P.,Yessekeyev Zh.E., Ahtambekov K.A., Aimanov G.I., and etc.

The further development of the department is connected with the names of the scientists Professor Sagyndykova E.S.,doctor of pedagogical sciences Magauov A.S., Ph.D., Bulanova F.Z., Ph.D., associate professor Abdikarimova M.O., Ph.D., associate professor Izbasarova F.D., Ph.D., associate professor DuysembekovaSh.D., associate Professor AubakirovaR.Zh.

Currently head of the department is the doctor of pedagogical sciencesDzhanbubekovaM.Z .

About department

The department works including 1 doctor of pedagogical sciences, 12 teachers , 5 candidates of pedagogical sciences , 7 senior teachers , 3 M.Ed.

All teachers have a basic education.

Pedagogy department provides training of highly qualified teaching staff in the field 5B010200-

Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education and 5B010100- Preschool training and education, guided by the normative legal documents: Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan  “On

Education “, “State educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan” regulatory quality management system documents

The mission of the Department of Pedagogy to train highly qualified teaching staff in the field 5B010200- Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education and 5B010100- Preschool training and education on the basis of the integration in education processis learning technologies and scientific research in accordance with the requirements of the education market of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The main tasks of the department:

  • Preparation for the society and state specialists with higher education specific pedagogical profile and scientific- pedagogical personnel.
  • Organizing and conducting fundamental research , applied research and other scientific and design works on the profile of the department and work on the problems of higher education
  • Training and retraining of teachers and executives
  • Formation of students ‘ students’ ability to work and live in the modern world.
  • Preservation and augmentation of moral , cultural and scientific values of society
  • Spread of knowledge society, improving its educational and cultural level .


The Department of Pedagogy is one of the main academic units of the Faculty , carries out educational, methodical , scientific research , provides training of the teaching staffTeaching staff of the department , serving pedagogical specialties of the University , he is constantly working to improve their professional growth.The learning process combines the classic form of education: lectures, seminars , laboratory and practical classes , as well as new forms : business games , workshops , distance technologies .

Classes are taught by qualified teachers at a high scientific and methodological level .

In the educational process are widely used innovation and educational technology training .

Teachers of the department developed electronic textbooks , video lectures , slide lectures and other information and training products that enable students not only receive an education of international quality , but also to build their own individual learning path .

  1. Preparation and publication of training manuals teaching staff of the Department – 1 ;
  2. The organization of training of the teaching staff of the department – 3 teachers ;
  3. The invitation of foreign scholars to give lectures – 1 scientist;
  4. Strengthening and growth relationship with educational institutions of the city;
  5. The development of mutually beneficial cooperation with Altai State Pedagogical University in accordance with the work plan;
  6. Increase the level of involvement of students majoring in the department of student participation in scientific conferences and research projects at various levels up to 75 % ;
  7. To assist in the employment of graduates of the specialty department – 92 % ;
  8. Ensuring academic mobility of students majoring department- 1 .
  9. Increasing the number of students majoring in participating in public life, university events and faculty to the level of 92 %.