Head of the Department: Mukataeva Aizat Amantaevna

E-mail: kaf.philosophy@semgu.kz

Preparation of highly qualified students of all disciplines through the development of spiritual, cultural, intellectual qualities of the person.

The objective of the Department of Philosophy and Political Science: the  formation of the scientific worldview, contributing to the development of free and critical thinking of learners for orientation in the world of ideas and opinions, also to help for the adopting of diverse values of students, which are necessary  for the cultural growth of the individual.  Professors of the department of philosophy and political science teach the following disciplines: philosophy, the man in the modern world, The history of philosophy and science, and etc.

 The main activities: The activities of  Department of Philosophy and Political Science, is  providing of educational services in humanities scienses  for students of all courses of all specialties of the university.

  1. The training of 2 students in the framework of academic mobility program Erasmus + at the University of Applied Sciences named after Janusz Kodolani (Hungary) in the first semester of the 2016-2017 academic year.
  2. Publication of 2 training manuals.
  3. Research stays at the Max Planck Institute for Social Antropology (Germany).
  4. Publishing 1 article in the peer-reviewed journals