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Department of Pedagogical Psychology was founded in in 1997.

The department is headed by the candidate of psychological sciences, docent Dzhumazhanova Gulzhanar Kakimzhanovna. The department has highly qualified specialists, including 2 associate professors, 5 candidates of sciences, 9 Masters of Science, 13 senior teachers. All teachers of this department have a basic psychological and ped The department was assigned the function of psychological knowledge training students of all disciplines, training of specialists in the field of psychology and early childhood education.agogical education.

The mission of the department is to meet the needs of society in the preparation of competitive highly skilled professionals with expertise in the professional culture, possessing modern means of communication with the ability to adapt to the changing conditions of the social environment, motivated to continuous self-improvement.

The development strategy of the department related to the strengthening of scientific and professional relationships with domestic and foreign scholars and practitioners on the basis of the psychology of education, pre-school education in order to increase the level of professional bachelors and masters degrees, improving the professional qualifications of teachers, scientific and methodological support system of psychological support education on the social , institutional and individual levels.

Goals and objectives of the department:

Our main goal – to provide students and masters with complex knowledge and practical skills necessary for a successful career.

To implement ate of the strategy in university training, educational psychologists, specialists of pre-school education on the basis of innovation and strategic integration of educational, professional and research activities of students in the context of subject-developing methodological approach.

Regular updating of the theoretical framework based on contemporary realities, training of teaching staff.

Further development of modern forms, methods and technologies of the educational process (Master, Bachelor, distance education technology and others.).

Active introduction of modern technology, the use of advanced teaching methods;

Control the quality of teaching, the balancing of general and specialized disciplines.

Support for the research work of students and teachers;

expansion of the contact, the Department of cooperation with the departments of Russian universities and foreign departments.

Broadening and strengthening relations with the department of educational institutions of the region.

  1. Realization of international project TEMPUS on “Modernization and development of educational programs in pedagogy and education management in Central Asia”;
  2. The invitation of foreign scholars to give lectures – 1 scientist;
  3. Improve the academic degrees of Department to – 40%;
  4. To print monographs – 1, training manuals – 4, textbook – 1;
  5. Participation in research conferences of students – 75%;
  6. Employment of graduators – 90%.


Principles of the department:

The principle of respect and success,

The principle of reliance on personal characteristics, professional interests and creative ability, creativity,

The principle of cooperation and co-creation,

The principle of innovative education,

The principle of quality.

The teachers of the department work on topic: “Development of psychological and pedagogical foundations of self-identity in the context of continuing education.”

Direction of the research activities of the department:

production of monographs, teaching aids and textbooks

participation in the scientific competitions, projects;

participation in the conferences and seminars at various levels;

continuous passage of refresher courses;

the work of students scientific circles;

guide research work of students.


The research work of students

Students participate in the scientific group, teaching and research groups, participate in international, regional, student scientific conferences, regional Olympiads, competitions of student research papers.

As a research results, including Masters work out elective courses “Fundamentals of counseling and psycho-correction”, “Fundamentals of psychotherapy”, “Work with preschool parents “, “Professionally activity of personality and educator”, “Methodical work in preschool” and t etc. The content of these courses is determined by taking into account the needs of employers.

Department of Pedagogical psychology supports international links with leading overseas universities, in particular with Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Childrens Fund of the United Nations UNICEF in Kazakhstan .

On the personal – professional training for the first-year students, introduced to the basics of the Institute and the future of the profession. Training work with graduate students shows the level of development of knowledge and skills of practical psychologist.

The curators of student groups conduct educational work with students, taking into account the specifics of each course and the interests of the students group. Teachers of the department offers an interesting programs for students living in the hostel.

Each year, students and teachers of the department take an active part in the Republican campaign “Presidential mile – way to health” , teachers Day, Excursion to Zhidebay.