Head of the Department: Sadykova Raygul Alimgazievna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 77-32-09
E-mail: biolog113@mail.ru

The basis of faculty of natural sciences was proved in 1936, at this time at faculty there was only one department of chemistry. In 1937 it was created departments of zoology and botany, at chair managed Elizaryeva M. Worked at chair professors – Chekhovich Z.L. Bazayeva A.A., Voropayev T.S., Troitsk Z.F.

In 1941 began the Second World War, because of evacuation works in the city of Semey on chair there were many changes. The chair was divided into two departments of botany and zoology.

Chair of zoology managed professor Belyaev M. M.. In 1944 because of departure of professorBelyaev M. M. to Moscow the manager of chair it was appointed Bazayeva A.A.

In 1954 on management of chair competition was published, as a result to management of chair came, associate professor Roberman S. L. from the city of Minsk.

In 1956 at competition on management of chair passed c.b.s., zoologist Panchenko S.G.

In 1959 on chair gets a job associate professors Bezrukov N. and Sokolov M. G. Since 1963 on chair managed associate professor Bezrukov N.

1963-1967 were taken for work Tyurebayev S. S., Vasilyeva N. V., Tusupov O. A. Tusupova K.S. and Kakimzhanova G.

In 1964 associate professor Bezrukov N. I. arrived on doctoral studies, according to competition came to chair c.b.s. Politko O. from the city of Gomel, it worked at chair of 2 years.

In 1969 TyurebayevS.S.enter on postgraduate study in KAZPI. After that came to chair finished postgraduate study of university of Kazan, the ichthyologist Sokolov L.G. and c.b.s. Saryev B.S. which finished postgraduate study KAZMU.

In 1969 december the department of zoology was divided into two zoology and anatomy, physiology of human and animals. Till 1971 department of zoology managed c.b.s., associate professor Afremova M. E. From 1971 to 1995 department of zoology managed c.b.s., associate professor Saryev B. S., c.b.s., associate professor Kolesnikov V.A., c.v.s., associate professor Dautbayev R. D., c.v.s., associate professor Usenov A.U. and c.b.s., associate professor Tusupova K.S.

From 1969 to 1995 department of anatomy, physiology of human and animals managed – c.m.s, associate professor Pogorelova G.I., c.m.s, associate professor Demidov V.A., c.b.s., associate professor Saydakhmetova A.S., c.b.s., associate professor Abdisheva Z.V.

Departments of zoology and anatomy, physiology of human and animals (1992):1 row, with left on the right: Saparova G. S., Saydakhmetov A.S.; 2 row: Akhmedzhanova G., Murzakhanov N. M., Usenov A.U., Tusupova K.S., Kokedzhanova O. G., Toktaubayev M.; 3 – row: Bayburin M. B., Dautbayev R. D., Rakhimbayeva K.T., Khromov V.A., AlpysbayevaZh.A.

On chair of botany from 1960 to 1980 were managers of chair, – c.b.s., associate professor Troitskaya Z.F., c.p.s. associate professor Lagutina E.I. c.b.s. associate professor Yermolaeva T.F.

From 1980 to 1995 department of botany managed 15 years c.b.s., associate professor Karipbayeva N. Sh.

Departments of botany and anatomy, physiology of human and animals (1976), with left on the right. Kudaybergenov K.K., Morozova S. S., Karipbayev N. Sh., Pogorelov G. I. Usenov A.U. Borkova N. S., Knyazev Ya.G.
Departments of botany (1989), with left on the right: Yermolaeva T.F., Maslennikova N. P., Serebryakov T.I., KaripbayevaN.Sh, Kushenov B. Sh., Naimiller G. Ya., Titorenko V.P., Yarkov N. And
Department of botany (1991):1 row, with left on the right: Lagutina E.I. Karipbayeva N. Sh., Ivanov G. S.; 2 row: Maslennikova N. P., Yermolaeva T.F. Slyamgozhina G. T. Kakimova K.A. Tazabayeva K.A. ; 3 row: Burulko V.P., Polevik V. V., Bashkirtsev S.G.

In 1995 on creation of university of Semey, chairs of botany and zoology united, the chair of the general biology was created. Since 1995, to this time were managers of chair – c.b.s. associate professor Rakhimbayeva K.T. c.b.s. associate professor Abdisheva Z.V. and / highway ғ. to. Tumanbayev V. M. and c.b.s. Kaliyeva S. K.

On the following for a decade on chair teachers – scientists educated students and now in present time: professor Stambekov S. Zh. associate professors – Karipbayeva N. Sh., Khromov V.A. Urmen G.G., Usenov A.U. Silybayeva B. M., Abdishev Z.V. Tazabayeva K.A. Tumanbayev V. M., Kaliyeva S. K. Kuanyshbayeva M. G. Sadykova R. A. Aralkhanov M. S., аға teachers – Zhumadilova R. Zh. Polevik V. V., Zverkovich R. M., Zhilkybayeva S. D., Kunanbayeva S. K, Mukayeva G.T, Nagashbekova L.A

Departmentofthegeneralbiology (2000): 1 row, withleftontheright: Karipbayeva N. Sh., BodauyevSh., Barabanov E.K., Tusupova K.S., Zverkovich R. M.; 2 row: Sadykova R. A., Esenalinova N. K., KuspekovaA.Sh., Shakirova A.T., Zhylkybayeva S. Zh.,Omarkhanova S. K., Rakhimbayeva K.T., Saparova G. S., Satayev A.R., AlpasbayevaZh.A., Kokedzhanova O. G.

Preparation of competitive specialists with modern elite higher education, focused on the teaching of biology in polylingual schools. Preparation of highly skilled professionals, researchers, teaching staff, competitive labor market in the region, could contribute to the maintenance of high cultural and educational status of the country, the formation of civil and moral qualities of graduates in the global educational, scientific and information society, a high quality education and upbringing, preservation and enhancement of cultural, moral and science values of society.

The Department of Biology is a graduating department and provides educational, methodical and scientific-research activities in the field of biology and biology education. It provides educational and extracurricular activities with students, as well as the preparation of teaching and research staff in the field of biological sciences.

  1. Mastering the faculty of the department of one of the foreign languages – 15%.
  2. The invitationof foreign scientiststo read lectures-1scientist.
  3. To involve no less than 90% of teachers and students of the department to participate directly in the research topics of the department.
  4. Provide 85% involvement of students sponsored groups to participate in sports clubs, art clubs etc.
  5. Employment of graduates of the department – 85%.