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The basis of chair of the higher mathematics was put since 1962 when the advisory community of Zhambylsky institute of technology opened.
In 1964 in the city of Families it was expanded in the form of branch of Zhambylsky institute of technology. I.A.Semgina was appointed the first manager of chair.
From 1967 to 1972 chair managed A.L.Izmaylov, 1972-1974gg. N. G. Chasanoff, 1974-1977 B.B.Bazarkhanov, 1977-1985 A.L.Izmaylov, 1985-1988 of S.B.Sadykov, 1988-1991gg. K.M.Sekeev, 1991-1999gg. A.L.Izmaylov, and from 1999 to today the manager of chair is A.P.Mustafayev.
In the same period and teaching structure of chair had enough big changes.
In 1995 united Semipalatinsk teacher training college, zooveterenarny institute and technological institutes in Semipalatinsk state university of a name of Shakarim, in this regard capacity of chair of the higher mathematics extremely grew.
Since the beginning prepared students in 0101 “mathematics”, and further there was a possibility to train students on the specialties 0103, 010140, 010340, 510130 “mathematics”.
In 2000 following the results of the state certification the Ministry of science and education gave the license for preparation of masters as 510130 “mathematicians”. Same year from structure of SGU of a name of Shakarim the teacher training college separated, and also changes in state standards were made. All these factors affected that the chair of the higher mathematics began to train students as 510130 “mathematicians” and 6N0601 – «The master of mathematics». The very first graduates of a magistracy are Bozhko Marina Vladimirovna and Raisova Nursaul Kabylovna which work to this day as teachers of chair of the higher mathematics.
On chair work 14-teachers from them 1-professor, 6-candidates of science, 5-masters, 5-assistant professors, 3 Sr. teacher and 3-teacher.
In March, 2006 the chair of the higher mathematics passed the state certification.
Ostepenennost of chair of-52 % (including masters – 45 %), middle age – 41, (including will combine. – 44 %).
2003 on July 1-4 at the chair organization at high level the theory of functions, the functional analysis and its application», devoted the 80th letiyuchlena-correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic of the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences T.I.Amanova held the international scientific and practical conference on a subject «. At conference many known mathematicians of Russia and Kazakhstan participated.
Graduates of chair work in all areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2008 there passed Republican scientific and practical conference on a subject «The physicist and mathematics. Knowledge. Computer».

Preparation of highly skilled experts in the field of mathematics capable successfully to work in different scientific and educational institutions from a position system and complete, personal activity approaches to teaching mathematics.

  1. Higher mathematics Department is a structural subdivision of the Semipalatinsk University named after Shakarim, performing training, training-methodical and scientific-research work on mathematical disciplines, educational work among the students, as well as the training of scientific-pedagogical staff and increase of their qualification.
  2. As a division of the University, the chair of higher mathematics in its activities is guided by the Charter and Regulations of the University, as well as its policy in the field of quality.
  3.  The main tasks of the Department are:
  • preparation for society and the state of the qualified experts with the higher education and a scientific and pedagogical shots of the top skills.
  • organization and carrying out basic and applied scientific researches on a profile of chair and works on problems of the higher education.
  • preparation and professional development of experts and executives.
  • formation at being trained students of a civic stand, ability to work and life in modern conditions.
  • preservation and enhancement of moral, cultural and scientific values of society.
  • dissemination of knowledge among the population, increase of its educational and cultural level.
  1. During the solution of these tasks of chair carries out the following functions:
    • carrying out all types of studies and study in all forms education;
    • development of curricula, working curricula on subject matters of chair, schedules of educational process;
    • the organization of scientific activity on a chair profile: the basic, basic, methodical, pedagogical and applied scientific researches being the integral component of training and training of specialists;
    • participation in scientific activity of university in the theoretical, scientific and technical, social and economic, scientific and methodical directions and pedagogical problems of higher education;
    • implementation of planning, preparation and release of methodical work of chair;
    • the organization and implementation of total state certification of graduates on the specialties assigned to chair on all forms of education;
    • realization of complex methodological support of all the disciplines, assigned to the Department, all kinds of internships, diploma projects and final attestation; providing high professional level of carrying out lecture, practical, seminar and laboratory researches. Organization of independent work of students;
    • the organization and control of NIR of students, carrying out reviews – competitions of student’s works;
    • the organization of communication with graduates, studying of quality of their practical work, development of actions directed on improvement of training of specialists;
    • the organization of proferentatsionny work for providing a set of students.