Head of the Department: Mussatayeva Iyungul Sulzhanovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 36-02-16
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, Kashagan St. 1, office 201

The department of Informatics and information technologies was created in 1996 as department “Applied mathematics and informatics” of Semey state university.

In 2004 in connection with division of Semey state pedagogical institute the Informatics department at physical and mathematical faculty was organized. In 2007 it was renamed as department “Informatics and information technologies”.

On extents of these years managed department:

1996-2000 –  Aitov Zhumabek Aitovich ( associate professor)

2000-2001 – Esenbekova Gulzhanat Zhumagaziyevna (Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor)

2001-2008 – Makambayev Murat Bolatovich (associate professor)

2008-2010 – Mukushev Bazarbek Agzashevich (dative of N, professor)

2010-2012 – Mausymbayev Serikbay Salimbekovich (dative of N, professor)

2012-2013 – Musatayeva Iyungul Sulzhanovna ( the Acting associate professor)

2013-2014 Abishova Aynur Akhanovna

From 2014 manages department Berikhanova Gulsara Ezhenkhanovna (acting associate professor).

From 2015  Musatayeva Iyungul Sulzhanovna ( the Acting associate professor).

The big contribution to formation and development of department was brought by such scientists as associate professor Aitov Zh.A., associate professor Makambayev M. B., associate professor Aukenov B.M., Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor Esenbekova G.Zh., Cand.Tech.Sci. Zhamanov K.Kh., Cand.Econ.Sci., associate professor Li E.F., Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor. Zhunusova L.Kh. At department in different years worked associate professor Tokhmetov A.T., senior teachers Asenov T.O., Alekseenko T.O., Baygabylova M. I., Zhumakhanova A.S., Zharaspayeva Z.Yu., Kablanbekova B.A., Nurbekova A.Kh., Kozybayeva A.A., Abdualiyeva G.K., Tanchenko L.A., Azizov A.A., teachers Balgozhina G. B., Zhensekhanova A.M., Rakhmatullin Z.T. Orynbayev B. N., professor Bektemesov M. A., associate professor Turganbayeva A.R.

The department of  Informatics and IT conducts preparation of pedagogical personnel at physical and mathematical faculty on specialties of a bachelor degree: “5B011100-Informattics”, “5B060200-Informatics” and on specialties of a magistracy – “6M011100-Informatics”, “6M060200-Informatics”

Teachers of the department prepared and published educational materials on the basic disciplines of the Department for operating systems, forms of education in the state and Russian languages. Is developing teaching guidelines, special courses on methods of teaching science. All materials have been successfully used by students in learning the subject.

Teachers of the department are actively involved in the organization of seminars for the faculty of the University:

– Methods for the development of electronic educational resources and their use in the educational process.

– The development of e-learning in the education system.

– Distance learning technologies in educational process.

– Seminars for teachers of educational institutions in the region through training of teaching staff:

  • «The use of ICT in small schools”
  • «Bilim take mekemelerіne computer pәnіn oқytuda innovatsiyalyқ tehnologiyalardy қoldanu”
  • «Oқu үrdіsіnde aқparattyқ-kommunikativtі tehnologiyany қoldanu әdіsterі”
  • «The use of information technologies in the school of mathematics and computer science”

Together with the Center for Innovative Technology Department conducts various seminars and courses for university faculty and secondary school teachers in the region and the city.


Along with teaching teachers of the department are engaged in research work.

The department conducts research work in the direction of “Improvement of teaching methods and information technologies in the university and the school.”

Research work of department of Informatics and IT is carried out on the basis of annual plans of work and contains the following types of the scientific works aimed at the development of scientific and methodical base of chair: writing and preparation for the edition of monographs, scientific articles; the organization of scientific work in student’s groups; participation in the Olympic Games; carrying out scientific conferences.

Teachers of the department annually take part in scientific conferences organized by other universities and educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the near and far abroad. The research results are reflected in scientific works and publications of professors:

Teachers of the department annually take part in scientific conferences organized by other universities and educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the near and far abroad. The research results are reflected in scientific works and publications of professors.


The department  supports close scientific connections with EKSU of S.Amanzholov, the Euroasian national university L.N. Gumileva, KAZNPU named by Abay, Omsk state pedagogical university.

Annually teachers of department of informatics and information technologies improve the skills, pass training at JSC National Training Centre “Orleu” and in other HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS.

In department a lot of work conducted with academic mobility. Within academic mobility students of specialty 5v011100-Informatics of Zhunusov Zauresh and Dauletova Zarina on the 2nd semester 2012-2013 academic years were trained according to the program of an exchange of students in one of leading universities of South Korea – Dzhongsang National university.

On the 1st semester 2013-2014 academic years students 3 courses of the specialty 5B011100 “Informatics” Malgazhdarov Miras and Maksymbayev Madiyar were trained according to the program of an exchange at Dzhiongsang National university.

From 2013-2014 academic years students in 5B011100 of “Information scientist” Sadykova Zhanara and Karim Askhat continue training according to the program of two-degree education (2+2) at Dzhiongsang  National university. According to this program students will gain 2 diplomas – Dzhiongsangs national university of South Korea and the State university of Shakarim.

Training of highly qualified specialists in the field of the IT technologies capable successfully to work in different scientific and educational institutions, from a position of system and complete, personal and activity approaches to training in informatics and new information technologies.

  • Involvement of leading domestic and foreign scientists to realization of educational program – 1;
  • Involvement of department ‘s teaching  staff  to participation  in the research  by department  topics – 100%;
  • Publication of scientific articles in journals with impact factor (h-index, Scopus, Thomson Reuters) – 1 article.
  • The introduction of multilingual education by specialty 5V011100 – Department of Computer Science – 2 groups;
  • Further training of teaching stuff  in foreign educational institutions – 1;
  • Involvement of stuff to conduct classes in English (increasing  the level of foreign language of teaching staff) – 80%
  • Implementation of research results to educational process – 5 implementation steps;
  • Development of external academic mobility of students – 2.