5B011100 – Informatics

Academic degree and qualification: bachelor of informatics

Graduates of specialty of a bachelor degree can work with the pedagogical direction:

  • mathematics teachers at high schools and average special educational institutions, lyceums, gymnasiums, technical training colleges;
  • at research institutes, the centers in the field of informatics and a technique of teaching informatics;
  • in government bodies of management, Departments of Education; the organizations of various forms of ownership using mathematical methods and computers

  Bachelor of specialty 5B011100 – Informatics trained for performance of the following functions:

  • implementation of pedagogical and educational activity, including with use of modern pedagogical and information technologies;
  • carrying out scientific researches in the chosen direction and in allied industries;
  • participation at all design stages, introductions and maintenances of program, information support;
  • effective use on a scientific basis of information communication technologies for the organization of own work and independent training.