Leading scientists from the USA and Syria held a seminar for teachers and students of the Department of Geodesy and construction

Администратор     27 Nov,2018        

At the Department “Geodesy and construction”, faculty of information and communication technology held a seminar with the participation of professor from the University of Delaware, USA Viktor Kalyakin and professor from Damascus University seismic geotechnical engineering of Talal Avvada on the subject: “Geosynthetic reinforcement of soil foundations: understanding their behavior by means of numerical simulation”

Professors told about the features of strengthening the soil bases under various buildings and structures. As well as modern geosynthetic materials used to strengthen soils.

Picture 1. Speech by Professor VN. Kalyakina in front of students and teachers of the Department ” Geodesy and construction»

Also, the seminar was attended by teachers and students of the College “Construction” of Semey. They listened with interest to the professors’ speeches and asked questions.

Picture 2. Students of the Department “Geodesy and construction”

Picture 3. Speech by Professor Talal Avvada

Both professors are leading scientists in the field of soil mechanics, members of international professional associations such as ISSMGE (international society for soil mechanics and geotechnics)

Picture 4. Photo of all participants of the seminar

The seminar held by visiting professors have theoretical and practical significance for students and teachers specializing in the field of construction and they are relevant today, in the conditions of active development of large cities and capitals.