One thousand dollars will be granted to the winner of Shakarim University new coat of arms developer

In context of Kazakhstan’s transition to Latin script Shakarim State University announces the international competition for the development of new coat of arms

Students from around the world can participate in this competition.

The university offers complete freedom to participants in choosing the approach to their art. The main aim of the competition is to create an opportunity to show yourself and to participate in Shakarim University’s life.

University’s coat of arms is used mainly in official papers and should highlight the status and historical roots of the University.

The main prize* is 1000 $

Second and third place winners will be awarded with valuable gifts.

The main criteria for participating:

Be a student

Subscribe to university’s official pages in social networks:

It is also required to provide:

  • The form of participant (full name, country, city, university, contacts)
  • A paper that proves you are a student (student’s card or an ID card)
  • A short text clarifying the story of your work and its connection to University’s history
  • Not more than 2 design works from one participant
  • Only your own ideas are allowed. Plagiarism leads to suspension.
  • Before entering the gallery all works are moderated according to execution technique.
  • If you won, you need to provide:
    • Source files in vector graphics (ai, cdr, eps)
    • Officially pass your authors’ rights to Shakarim University
    • Provide your bank card data, necessary for transferring money (for foreign students international transferring should be allowed on a bank card)

Technical task

– Competition work should be in jpg, 300 ppi) and at least 1200px on the short side. You should use RGB color pallette.

– It is required that coat of arms includes University’s title in Latin script: S’A’KA’RIM Y’NI’VERSI’TETI, and also the city SEMEI’.

– The competition work should reflect the character and idea of the brand (brand’s description included)

– Current coat of arms is also included, but is not an example to follow. University will prefer works with new creative ideas in accordance with modern trends. Searching of new forms is also appreciated. Color palette should follow the brand’s signature style.


Competition works will be accepted between 3nd of November until 15th of february 2017, inclusive.

The outcome of the competition will be made by the jury on December 25th.

Participants applications should be sent on

Supplementary materials

*Payment will be made by Shakarim University itself, which already guarantees the transfer. For obtaining the prize the participant needs to prove the authorship and provide the source files and bank card number (for foreign students international transferring should be allowed on a bank card). After all requirements are fulfilled and the agreement is signed, payment will be send to the winner’s bank account.