Our goal is to reach global standards

Пресс-служба     11 Dec,2016        

5555555Warsaw is the capital of Poland and one of the largest cities in Europe. Having gone through a lot of turmoil and conquest, Warsaw carefully preserved something valuable from each of its time periods. Despite the fact that the city was destroyed almost completely during the Second World War, its historic areas have been recreated authentically and with the atmosphere of antiquity.

Warsaw attracts not only lovers of architecture and history experts, but also, young people from almost any corner of the world who arrive In order to get knowledge. Holy student traditions are strictly kept and maintained in this place.

Here in Warsaw, one of the most advanced technical and art schools in Poland can be found – the University of Ecology and Management. University teaching methodology is completely in line with European standards, and thanks to well-trained scientific and teaching staff, which size is about 300 employees, as well as the broad technical base, which includes laboratories and offices, it is highly appreciated by the students.

20161114_101409Ecology and Management University in Warsaw is a longtime partner of the University of Shakarim. Thanks to the international program Erasmus +, exchange of the students, faculty and staff within the framework of academic mobility is established between the two institutions.

From 14 to 18 of November, the delegation of the University, after the invitation by Polish colleagues, visited the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw. The vice-rector for educational and methodical work Gulnar Iskakova and the vice-rector on educational work and social issues Bakhyt Atantayeva visited the university as a part of the working group.

On the first day of the visit the current higher education system of Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Poland as well as their comparative analysis were discussed. Gulnar Iskakova made a presentation about our university, its achievements and prospects. Also, the emphasis was placed on the discussion of international strategy of universities and possibilities for international cooperation, including the framework of Erasmus +. In addition, it was agreed to work on joint research projects in the field of ecology and conservation of water resources of Irtysh and Buk.

During her visit to Poland, Gulnar Iskakova also held working meetings with the leadership of the Faculty of Engineering and Management and faculty of Architecture. During these meetings, an agreement on the implementation of the academic mobility programs in 2017 as well as the development of joint educational undergraduate and graduate programs was reached.

Gulnar Iskakova, vice-rector for academical and methodical work: “International cooperation is an important tool in ensuring the quality of education and its compliance with international standards. Intense international contacts of Shakarim University play a significant role in integrating into the global academic space. Today Shakarim University is partnering with leading universities in Europe, America and Asia. We have one goal – to follow the highest international standards in education and research work. “img-20161122-wa0013

Bakhyt Atantayeva, within the framework of academic mobility of teachers, for a few days became a lecturer for the students of the University of Ecology and Management. Her lectures were attended by foreign students studying in this university. They came from Sweden, Portugal, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and other countries. Together with them students of our university are also studying there. Aisulu Ryskalieva and Rauan Manapov. Their training at the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw was made possible thanks to a well-established partnership between the two universities.

Bakhyt Atantayeva, vice-rector for educational work and social issues: “This is certainly an invaluable experience for me as a teacher. I believe that the dialogue that is going on between us and the Polish colleagues is important not only for our university, but also for educational, and cultural aspects of our region as a whole. The opportunities that are available today are equal to acquisition of advanced knowledge and experience, immersion in a multicultural environment by our students, faculty and staff. Ultimately, this means increasing the value of our graduates on the labor market».


Academic mobility is the one of the priorities of the international activities of the University of Shakarim. Academic mobility enables bachelors, masters and young scientists to continue their education or acquire research experience abroad through participation in short-term educational or research programs.

The aim of the development of academic mobility programs is to improve the quality of education, improve understanding between different people and cultures, to nurture a new generation prepared for life and work in the international informational community.